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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is one of the largest hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean that devastated southern Texas and Louisiana. Millions of people were left homeless and many communities were flooded as a whole. Series of tornadoes, storm surges, high winds, fires, power cuts, flooding, and so on made the hurricane damage in Texas catastrophic.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport, Texas on August 24th as a Category 4 hurricane. After weakening to tropical storm, the hurricane made subsequent landfalls resulting in extreme flooding. The resorvoirs and other water bodies in the area flooded as well. Millions of people were evacuated and moved to shelters.

Hurricane Harvey caused billions of damage to the affected areas and entire state is working towards rehabilitation and rebuilding. Local people are looking for help and assistance in the times of disaster. Several relief and assistance are available to help the people rebuild.

During disasters, people are often in a panic mode and are clueless about how to move further. Cleaning up, schooling, medical facilities, paying bills, rebuilding, and work have been overwhelming tasks for locals. Finding the correct resources is crucial for getting Harvey assistance. People without documents and proof are left clueless about how to proceed.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Harvey Relief

Harvey survivors are advised to take pictures of the loss such as home or car to submit proof for insurance or federal relief. Mortgage companies are modifying their policies to accomodate the large scale loss faced by hurricane Harvey homeowners. If there is a disaster relief declared in an area, the federal relief is automatically applied to all homeowners regardless of documents. Some nonprofits do work with individuals without documentation. However, people are encouraged to keep a proof of their damage for estimation.

  • Mortgage relief is offered by major lenders if your home is flooded during hurricane Harvey. Most lenders offer a relief of mortgage payment for about 12 months. You will not be charged any additional fees or reported to the credit agencies. Check with your lender and file any paper work. Some terms and conditions may vary with the type of lender such as local versus national companies.
  • Service providers have special guidelines for processing Harvey affected areas. If a borrower is able to pay the mortgage payments while the insurance claim is being processed, they are encouraged to do so. However, servicers will mark any late payments delinquent or forbearance depending on the borrower financial/employment condition. Servicer must reach a better work option for the borrower and lender.

Flood Smart is a government resource that is offering flood insurance programs and best practices for Harvey survivors. Non-profits are participating with local businesses to raise funds for hurricane Harvey relief and assistance. The type and amount may vary, but harvey survivors can avail the clothing, career development, food, water, medical, and other emergency disaster assistance.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Harvey Assistance

Assistance is available from federal and state governments. City of Houston and other local governments are stepping up for the Harvey rehabilitation and rebuilding. The FEMA application can be downloaded on the smart phones and people can get notifications, apply for assistance, upload documents, track their application status, and so on.

State of Texas is offering special assistance for hurricane affected people. The State parks are free for Harvey survivors but locals are advised to call for reserving a camping spot. Family and friends can be the key source for networking and getting help.

Locals can contact the toll free helpline numbers if they need assistance in Houston, TX. The city of Houston will share the information with the participating businesses and nonprofits to get the help you need.

If anyone needs help with the cleanup, they can get help as well by calling Houston's toll free numbers. Millions are working for the rehabilitation and rebuilding Harvey affected areas.

IRS is offering tax filing extension for Harvey survivors. Other utility companies and credit card companies are also offering extension of payment for hurricane Harvey survivors.

Checking the information and required forms online is a good idea to avoid any middlemen. You can submit the proof yourself and get the required assistance. Offering Harvey assistance and relief is the top priority for local agencies and nonprofits.

Hurricane Harvey Assistance Category

Harvey Assistance Categories

Private groups and individuals are willing to accommodate people while they rebuild their homes. Facebook pages, Airbnb, RENTCafe, and so on are some of the sources to look for a place to live in the Harvey affected areaas.

Harvey Volunteers are willing to help in all ways possible. Harvey Assistance is available in different categories for the local people.

  1. Career development assistance
  2. Disability assistance
  3. Disaster relief
  4. Education/training assistance
  5. Energy assistance
  6. Food assistance
  7. Grants/Scholarship
  8. Housing assistance
  9. Insurance assistance
  10. Legal/Counseling
  11. Living Assistance
  12. Loan repayment assistance
  13. Mental health assistance
  14. Veterans and Active duty assistance
  15. Social security assistance

Hurricane Harvey survivors must seek for the different assistance available and fill up the forms. Most proof and documents can be submitted online. Having a list of assistance required would help in faster application and less confusion. Businesses are hiring Hurricane Workers to rebuild the affected communities in Texas.